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IDVisor Countertop Manuals

IDVisor Countertop Quick Start Guide [Rev 1] IDVisor Hardware User Manual [Rev 1.1] IDVisor Software User Manual [v5.5]

09/18/14 9/18/14 Latest
IDVisor Mobile Manuals

IDVisor Mobile Quick Start Guide [Rev 1] IDVisor Hardware User Manual [Rev 1.1] IDVisor Software User Manual [v5.5]

09/18/14 9/18/14 Latest
IDWedge Version 3.3

New IDWedge version 3.3 software update: This version adds new fields  Country and 2nd address.  Also adds option for first name initial (this is in addition to middle name initial). Parsing fixes  – Fix New Mexico 2013 Magnetic Stripe –

04/22/14 11/12/2013 3.3
ID Visor Touch – File Store Error – Corrupt SD Card – Fix

If your Touch unit is giving a file store error message or something similar, you can fix it yourself with this 20 minute procedure. This message tends to appear due to the SD card having corrupt files on it and

Installing Palm Desktop Software

NOTE: to install the Palm Desktop software, you must be logged into the PC as an Administrator and to use the Palm Desktop, you must be logged into the PC with the SAME Administrative user name. Determine version of the

IDWedge Formula Error – Unable To Send Keys

Problem: Customer had an IDWedge that was not filling out info. Instead it would give an error message saying: “Formula Problem: Unable to SendKeys”. The IDWedge would fill out the form in IDWedge without a problem, but once program was

12/27/13 09/19/2013 IDWedge Version 3.1
IDVisor Z22 Software Update – 4.72 and Procedure

IDVisor Z22 Software Update – Version 4.72 CardVisorZ22_4.72    (Note: Zip file – download and unzip -> cardvisor_4.72.prc which gets installed on scanner) Above is a link to the most recent version of software for the IDVisor Z22 Mobile and CounterTop

03/23/16 3/23/2016 4.72
How to Set the Clock on the IDVisor Touch (Old and New Software) 10/15/13
Sample PDF417 2D barcodes 05/26/16
Installing Palm USB 64-Bit Driver For Palm Desktop On 64-Bit version of Windows OS

If you are having trouble hotsyncing your Z22 ID scanner, it may be because you are using a 64bit windows operating system.   The Palm Desktop software is compatible with 64bit operating systems, but the USB hotsync drivers supplied with the

07/08/14 12/12/2012 Access 64 bit driver
Palm 64bit Win 7 USB driver

64 bit USB Windows Driver for Palm/Garnet OS Updated On 3/2/2012 12:00 Version 1.0 Views 34728 Category Drivers License Aceeca Software License Win 7 USB driver 64 bit zip file Here is a zip file for the USB driver Palm

10/15/13 03/02/2013 1.0
IDVisor Z22 Software Version 4.60

Here is a download link to the CardVisorZ22_4.60 Software.

04/17/14 11/12/2012 4.60
Import a certificate into Internet Explorer 11 used with IDWegePro WCF on https 03/08/18
IDWedgeKB Serial Port data in the browser with NodeJS 03/07/18
IDWedge Pro Installer

This is the full version of the IDWedge Pro software. You can use it in demo-mode without an activation code for 30 days/30 executions. Please contact us for an activation code.  Do not update your code with this Installer, because

03/09/18 3/7/18
AgeVisor POS Installer and Updater

Version has added support for multiple users and supports an external USB relay device.   Below are two different download links.  Please read the directions and chose the most appropriate. The Installer download is for NEW installation or clients

02/26/18 02/26/2018
M280 Brightness Demo

This demo is a modified version of the M280 SDK, that scans a DL and creates a copy of the original image, with a brightness control. You must have the Eseek M280 installed on a PC to use this demo.

02/08/18 2/8/18 1.0
IDVisorSentry Installer

The IDVisorSentry Desktop application is available for download at the link below: Changes to include: New GUI, add In/Out feature and Vehicle feature, disable pin code on search. Once you have downloaded the file to a folder on

02/01/18 02/01/2018
How to get virtual keyboard to work on Android Samsung Galaxy Tab when paired with IDWedgeBT 01/31/18
IDWedgeKB Serial Port Demonstration 01/10/18
IDParser M260_POS_HID SDK 3.4

New combined Windows Mobile m260, m420, H325, F406 SDK for our drivers License parsing software.  The m420 is our lower cost – weather proof PDF417 barcode scanner, the H325 is a gun/trigger PDF417 barcode scanner and the F406 is a

01/10/18 12/11/17 3.4
IDWedgeKB User Manual Version 1.12 01/05/18