Disabling IDSentry Service

Enhanced ID Detection Service From IDSentry

TokenWorks ID Scanners now feature Enhanced ID Detection Service (EIDS) provided by our supplier, IDSentry. EIDS is a new subscription service that will help detect fake IDS. EIDS will identify many fake id formats, but not all.

When enabled and a US Driver’s license is scanned, the EIDS shield on the main screen will indicate red, green, or yellow depending on the detection status. Green indicates a recognized valid IDformat, red indicates a known fake ID format, and yellow indicates a new, unrecognized, or under review ID format. 

IDVisor Scan Page with EIDS shields

For data security reasons, we understand that EIDS may not be allowed under certain circumstances and the service can easily be disabled if desired. The following guide goes through how to disable the service. 

Disabling IDSentry and IDSentry Prompts

Process for Disabling IDSentry on Each Scanner: 

Step 1) Turn on the scanner and proceed to the IDVisor IDScanner Home screen and press the “Setup” button

IDVisor Homepage

Step 2) Click Configuration on the Menu screen

IDVisor Configuration Screen

Step 3) Enter PIN Code – you will be prompted to enter your PIN for the scanner. (The factory PIN is 5678). Then press “Submit”

Enter Pincode

Step 4) On the next screen, click “Advanced” on the bottom left of the screen

IDVisor Advanced Settings Button

Step 5) Scroll down until you see “IDSentry Check”

IDSentry Service on Advanced Menu Settings Screen

Step 6) Click the “IDSentry Check” button to turn the service off

IDSentry button detail

Step 7) After disabling IDSentry Check, press the back button on the IDVisor keyboard until you have returned to the home screen. 


Enhanced ID Detection Service has now been turned off on your scanner. 


Updated on November 23, 2022

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