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How to setup Survey feature for the IDVisor Smart V1/V2/Plus/S50

Description: The following instructions below explain how to create a Survey Form on an IDVisor Smart V1, Smart V2, Smart Plus, and S50. The Survey allows you to add questions for lead capture and tracking purposes.


  1. From the IDVisor Home Page, click the “Setup” button on your device


2. Next click on the “Configuration” button and enter your security pincode which can be found in your IDVisor user’s guide.

3. Now click on the advanced button at the bottom left of the screen.

4. In the advanced setting scroll down until you see, “Use as Lead Capture (No Age Alerts)” option and click the off button. Turning this on will enable the survey feature.

5. Return to the IDVisor home page. You should now see the Lead Capture button on your home screen. Click on the lead capture button and enter the pincode – the default code is listed in your manual..

6. To add a question, click the “Add New Question” button on the top left of your screen and then hit next.

7. Pick if you want this question to be required when scanning IDs and then hit next.


8. Pick which keyboard type you would like to use for your question and then hit next.


9. Pick which question type you would like to use and then hit next.


10. Your survey question has now been added. Press the exit button to return to the home page. Now scan an ID and fill in the survey question when completed press submit survey button.


To view responses, go back to the IDVisor home page and click on the “Lead Capture” button. Now hit on the “View Responses” button and click on a response to see more details.


Updated on February 23, 2023

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