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IDentiFake Troubleshooting

Problem: IDentiFake M-150 or M500 scanner is not scanning or accepting any IDs.

Not Accepting IDs: The motors will not automatically pull the card into the reader.

Not Scanning IDs: The scanners pulls in the ID as normal but does not show “Reading” progress window and does not populate any data.

Please see here for reference on how the LED lights on your M-150 (formerly known as F1500) scanner should appear.

Instructions: Follow the troubleshooting steps in the order presented if your IDentiFake scanner is not scanning or accepting IDs.

Note: Layout shown in screenshots will be different if using IDentiFake software on PC.

Restarting the IDentiFake Service

Step 1: From the Main Screen go to the Help Screen.


Step 2: Select Restart IDentiFake Service.


Step 3: Once you select the Restart IDentiFake Service option you will see a progress window showing the IDentiFake Service restarting. The service may take 2-3 minutes to complete the restart. Once the restart is complete, you will no longer see the progress window. Once the progress window no longer appears go back to the Main Screen and try to scan an ID again.

If the Restart IDentiFake Service does not correct the issue, try the next troubleshooting step of shutting down and starting up the Acuant Service.


Shutting Down and Starting Up the Acuant Service

Step 1: From the Help Screen select Close Application.

You will see a pop up window asking you for the PIN Code. Enter the PIN Code set for the software.

If no PIN Code was set, please see manual for default PIN Code.


Step 2: Click on the System Tray icon shown by the red arrow.


Step 3: Locate the Acuant icon (appears as an A). Hold the icon down for 3 seconds then let go. You should the options appear as shown in the screenshot above. Select Shutdown Service.


Step 4: Once you select Shutdown Service, a red X should appear on the Acuant icon as shown above.


Step 5: Hold down on the Acuant icon for 3 seconds and let go. You will now select Start Service.


 Step 6: Once selecting Start Service, the Acuant service will take 2-3 minutes to start back up. Once the service is back up and running the Acuant icon should appear with no red X as shown in the above screenshot.

Once the Acuant service is confirmed to be running again, click on the IDVisor Sentry icon located on the task bar. Wait 1-2 minutes for the Sentry software to boot back up. Once the Sentry software has started back up, scan an ID to ensure the scanner is scanning IDs again.

If Shutting down and Starting back up the Acuant Service does not correct the issue, try the next troubleshooting step of restarting the PC or Surface tablet.


Restarting the Surface tablet

Step 1: Locate the power button on your Surface and hold for 1-2 seconds. The power button is located on the lower left hand corner of the IDentifake system.


Step 2: Slide down the screen to power off the Surface tablet. Once shut down wait 10 seconds then power the Surface back on. Once powered back on, boot the Sentry software back up.

Scan an ID again to ensure the scanner is scanning IDs.


If using IDentiFake on a PC please restart the PC as normal.


If after trying these steps the IDentiFake scanner is still unable to scan IDs, click here to open a support ticket. A technical support agent will contact you once the ticket is open.

Updated on December 31, 2020

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