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How To Delete The 2nd SD Card on The IDVisor M310

If your M310 scanner gives a message stating the reader needs to be initialized or a message stating its having difficulties accessing the SD card, please follow this procedure.  Do not re-initialize the reader.  If you accidentally do re-initialize the reader, the instructions below will show how to re-re-initialize the reader after performing the following procedure.

To repair:

  1. Exit the app (go to setup – close app – enter pin code (pin code 5678 if not changed)
  2. On main home windows screen, Tap on the “My Device” icon
  3. There should be two icons, one says “Storage Card” and one says “Storage Card 2”.   The Storage Card 2 will have a grey drive icon or black SD card icon.  The other folder “Storage Card”  will look like a yellow folder.
  4. Delete the icon that says “Storage Card” and DOES NOT have a picture of a square black SD Card or grey hard drive. To do this, tap and hold the stylus on the icon until a drop down menu comes up. Then tap “Delete”.  It may be necessary to do this a couple times.  Keep deleting the folder until it is gone from the screen.
  5. Now turn the unit over and remove the battery.  Wait about 3 seconds.
  6. Re-install battery and turn unit by holding the red power button for two seconds.
  7. Start the application and try to scan an ID.  If it works, your back in business.  If not, then you’ll get a message that the reader needs to be initialized.  To initialize, Go to setup -> Configuration -> Advanced Setup -> Reader -> Initialize reader.  After the reader is initialized, go to the home page, press ID Scanner and test by scanning a card. Your scanner should now be working.
  8. Ask a final precautionary step, go to setup->database->backup – this will back up the database in main memory to the physical SD card.


Updated on December 31, 2020

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