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M310 Screen and Power settings

M310 Screen and Power settings


Turn on the M310 and tap Start->Control Panel and set up the M310 basic configuration



    Start->Control Panel                Control Panel

Once you are in the Control Panel setup the following:

  • Date Time
  • Function Key
  • Battery Scheme
  • Volume
  • Display


Tap the Date/Time icon and set the correct Date and time, tap the Function key icon

Date/Time screen


Assign F1 and F2 to IDVisorTouch.

        Function key

Tap the button next to the F1and F2 text boxes and navigate to Program Files\IDVisorTouch folder.

NOTE: you will not be able to assign the Function keys until you have loaded the IDVisorTouch application, refer to this step when instructed to set the Function keys at the end of the procedure.


            Assign F1, F2 to IDVisorTouch

Select the IDVisorTouch program. Click ok after assigning each Function button. The focus will return to the Function key screen, tap Accept and the tap the red x to return to the control panel.


Tap the Power icon and then tap the Schemes tab on the Power Properties screen:


Select Switch state to suspend to after 5 minutes. Tap ok to return to Control Panel.


Tap Volume & Sound icon and set the Volume to maximum.


Tap the Display icon and set the background image to none.


For systems not using WiFi, make sure the WiFi is off.

If The middle LED at the top of the M310 is green all the time, then the WiFi is on.

Go back into the control panel and turn it off.


Updated on January 1, 2021

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