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Latest IDVisor Pro Software Updates

Release Date Software Version Description How to Download https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idvisor-pro-1-4-8-2-update/ https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idvisorpro-1-4-7-5-update/ https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idvisorpro-1-4-7-0-update/ https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idvisorpro-1-4-5-5-update/ https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idvisor-pro-update/ Add Connection Wizard to assist in connecting and programming M260 and M280 Scanners, automated driver installation for M280 for x86 or x64 platforms, updated help file to reflect updates. https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-2-9/ Added one more config variable: AlternativeFormatLogFile, updated the Configuration screen Update M280 image capture logic to fix bug introduced by Win10 May 2018 Cumulative update, the bug displays a “scanner busy” message, and this version fixes that bug. Add a brightness feature for M280 images, improve WCF to run as non-admin, after first setting up app in Admin, still requires certificates in browser for https, ensure app will now only check for update manually. https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-2-5/ 


Updated on July 19, 2022

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