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IDWedge Pro Installer

IDWedgePro version was skipped, the last updater for IDWedgePro is at

This is the full version of the IDWedge Pro software. You can use it in demo-mode without an activation code for 30 days/30 executions. Please contact us for an activation code.  Do not update your code with this Installer, because it will erase your formulas unless properly backed up.

To update your application, use the in app feature.

(Download and extract the archive below to your PC, then run the installer)



Changes: Update M280 image capture logic to fix bug introduced by Win10 May 2018 Cumulative update, the bug displays a “scanner busy” message, and this version fixes that bug. added one more config variable: AlternativeFormatLogFile, updated the Configuration screen Add Connection Wizard to assist in connecting and programming M260 and M280 Scanners, automated driver installation for M280 for x86 or x64 platforms, updated help file to reflect updates.

Updated on December 31, 2020

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