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IDWedgePro WCF Installing Certificates into Browser

IDWedgePro has a feature called WCF mode, which allows scanned data to be transmitted over a local port to a web page.

To use the Secure Socket Layer (https) you will need to install a certificate in your browser, or allow and exception for the port, depending on the Browser.

The following documents show how to install the demo certificates supplied with the IDWedgePro application.

Click one of these links to download the pdf:

Note: these documents have been updated on 6/21/19.  If you have downloaded earlier versions of documents, please replace them with these versions.



This is the link for the Certificates:


The certificates are also available in the deploy directory of IDWedgePro: C:\TokenWorks\IDWedgePro


For more details on IDWedgePro in WCF mode, please read this post:


Updated on December 31, 2020

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