IDWedgePro SSL HTTPS Secure Connection Confirm Local Certificate

IDWedePro – SSL Security Exception

IDWedgePro supports a Secure Socket Layer capability for the WCF feature. This feature allows the WCF service to connect to the https test page:

The browser needs have a security exception to work with the local WCF client since the certificate used by IDWedgePro is a Windows Self-Signed certificate.


To use this feature, the app must be run in Administrative mode on the PC and the https checkbox must be enabled. The first time you try to use this feature, you must allow the browser to access the site by the following steps.

Step1 . Run IDWedgePro as Admin, with the https checkbox set:


Step2. Open a browser to:

Step3. Hit F12 ->Network and copy the local port URL, by right clicking the highlighted line and select copy URL


open a new tab and paste the URL into the browser:

When you see this message click Advanced, and add an exception:

When this message pops up,

Click Confirm Security exception.

You should see the following in this Tab:

Now go back to the original WCF test page and scan a card:

The data is posted to the page.


Word Doc used to create this post – IDWedePro_SSL-05112017.docx


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