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File Manager / Transfers for iOS devices ( ipad ipod iphone ) without iTunes

File Transfer to iPads, iPhones, iPods without installing iTunes

DigiDNA has a nice application called FileApp for transferring data to and from an Apple Mobile Device.

Before using, the iOS device require USB drivers on the computer. If you don’t want to install iTunes, then just use the copytrans drivers installation utility to install just the drivers.  If you have iTunes already installed, then skip the copytrans driver installation.  The copytrains drivers take several minutes to install because it downloads software from an Apple site to install Apple Application Support.   Once installed, the install FileApp on your iOS device and then DiskAid on your PC – See below.

Install FileApp on your iPhone or iPad for Free

  • In order to see documents, files and media on the iPhone, iPod or iPad you need a file browser
  • FileApp is a free file browser and media player supporting all file types supported by the device
  • FileApp supports Office documents (Word, Excel & Powerpoint) and PDF for viewing
  • FileApp plays video and audio

Download and Install DiskAid on your Computer

PC Windows Version 5.43 3.93 MB – http://www.digidna.net/diskaid
  • DiskAid is a free download for PC and Mac
  • File transfer with DiskAid is free with no obligation whatsoever
  • It is shareware, you can buy a license and register if you like it

Launch DiskAid and Connect the Device to the Computer Using the USB cable

  • Connect one single device, disconnect any other iPhone, iPod or iPad
  • Use an original 30-pin USB Apple connector
  • Do not use a USB dock or hub

Click the FileApp Icon in DiskAid’s Left Navigation Pane

  • If FileApp does not show up relaunch DiskAid
  • If you experience any other issue using DiskAid click here

Copy your Files to FileApp

  • The actual contents of FileApp appear in DiskAid’s Right Window
  • What is being added in through DiskAid is stored and visible in FileApp!
  • You can drag and drop files or folders, or use the “Copy to device” button from DiskAid’s tool bar.
  • If you do not see the files you copied tap “refresh” in FileApp – a circled arrow in the top toolbar


Updated on December 31, 2020

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