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How to Re–Install The IDVisor Software on the IDVisor Touch After a Clean Boot

Sometimes, by accident or on purpose, the IDVisor Touch unit can be clean booted and restored to factory settings.

By doing this, you will effectively erase any data that is saved on the IDVisor Touch phone. However, the data on the SD card inside the phone will remain there.

If you happen to find yourself in this predicament, fear not, as the software can still be re-installed from the SD Card onto your phone.

Here is how to re-install the IDVisor software on the Touch ID scanner:
We will start with the clean boot, which is done by going to Settings -> System -> Clean Boot and entering the password 1234 and hitting yes.

This will start an approximately 10 minute restart process.

Once it is done, it will give a green screen and ask you to calibrate the touch screen by touching the cross hairs that appear.

Once this is done, a small box will pop up asking “Would you like to install from SD card”? Select yes. This will launch a series of installations.

Note: If the window suddenly disappears, it is because the phone has sent the install to the background. Simply click on the top right corner of the screen and a drop down window will appear with the words “INSTALLATION” at the bottom. Just click on the word installation to get the install back to the foreground.

Now just click on the word “install” in the bottom left corner to install onto the device. Then when it is done click “OK” in the top right. Continue this pattern until all 6 files are installed. Then It will say “Installation Complete”. Click “OK” and the Touch will restart itself.   The ID scanner program will automatically launch upon restart (just give it a minute or two to restart):

Here are detailed installation steps – IDVisorTouch Installation Guide.pdf

Updated on December 31, 2020

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