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Exporting Data from IDVisor Touch

Exporting Data from IDVisorTouch


There are two files available for export on the scanner, customer.csv and IDScanner.csv. Both files are in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format and can be viewed with a spreadsheet application like MS Excel. The customer.csv file represents a single instance of each customer or card that has been scanned into the database. The IDScanner.csv file represents an every scan, or each visit that a customer has made.


The export process is the same for both files; there are 2 buttons on the Database form used to export either file. This document will describe exporting only the customer.csv file.


Things you will need:

  1. A PC with a USB port, running Windows XP or Vista/ Windows 7
  2. A USB cable
  3. The IDVisorTouch unit


Follow the screen shots below to export the customer.csv.


 From the Home screen click Setup to go to the Setup Menu.

From the Setup Menu click on the Database button to display the Database Maintenance screen. On the Database Maintenance screen tap the ‘Go’ button next to the label: Export customer file.



After tapping the ‘Go’ button the file will be created, click ‘ok’ on the Export Complete message and the Connect to PC screen will display.

From this point you will need the USB to PC cable supplied with the IDVisorTouch and you will need a Windows PC with a USB port.

Connect the USB cable to the PC, if the PC has ActiveSync or Mobile Device center, ignore the prompts that may occur, the IDVisorTouch will behave like a new disk/ USB memory device when you connect the cable on this screen.

On XP computers, you may have to click on the My Computer icon to find the new drive,

On Vista and Windows 7, an auto play window will display, in either case, use the Windows Explorer to display the new drive called: dopod / Storage Card.

Navigate to the Export Data folder, and you will find the file that you exported,

Either customer.csv file or IDScanner.csv file, depending on which ‘Go’ button you tapped.



This screen shot shows the Customer.csv file that has been exported from the database.


You can drag the file from the Storage Card/Export Data folder to your PC or you can use the traditional Copy and Paste features of Windows Explorer. Once the file has been copied, click on the close button and disconnect the USB cable. Then click Exit on the Database Maintenance screen, and click Home on the Setup Menu to return the scanner to the Home screen.


The same process can be replicated for the IDScanner.csv file.


Note for ActiveSync or Windows Mobile users


While we have taken the most care to not impact your PC system, there is a chance that some users may ignore the documentation, or may not understand computers very well.


If you want to ensure that ActiveSync or Mobile Device center does not launch when the USB cable is connected to IDVisorTouch, we recommend that the USB connection be turned off. These is easily accomplished by launching either ActiveSync or Mobile device center and ensure the check box is ‘unchecked’ in the Connections Setting dialog:


For XP users:

Start->All Programs->Microsoft ActiveSync, then go to File->Connection Settings



For Vista and Windows 7 :

Start->Window Mobile Device Center->Mobile Device Settings->Connection Settings



Exporting Data from IDVisor Touch_Rev2

Updated on December 31, 2020

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