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Adding Custom Tags and Importing Tagged Customers for IDvisor Touch and m310

Adding Custom tags and importing Cardholders to IDVisorTouch

This post describes how to import people into the vip/banned or tagging system with custom (user defined) tags.  This is a special version of the standard import process which uses the 7 predefined tags that come with m310/touch scanner.  Only use this procedure if using custom tags (i.e. labels other than the 7 predefined tag labels).  Please see the standard m310 / touch importing banned vip process if not using custom tags

Before importing contacts, first create the new tag on the scanner.  After tags have been defined in the scanner, then import the new vip/banned list.

Defining Custom Tags

To load custom tags to the IDVisorTouch, first create a list of tag messages and codes like the table below:






10 Barred
11 HRP
13 Cleared
14 Cleared
15 TWL


Note: custom tags start at code 10 and go to 99, and messages must be all text.

Using the information in the table above, add the new tags to the IDVisorTouch by following the screen shots below:

Home Screen                Setup Menu

From the Home screen tap Setup to go to the Setup Menu. At the Setup menu

Tap the Tag List Button

Tag List                Tag Edit

From the Tag List screen tap the Add button on the bottom left to display the Tag Edit screen. Click on the code text box to enter a new code, then click on the Message box to enter a new code, using the pop up keyboard, then click on the Reset Exp. Button to create a tag that will expire in 2099, if you want to have a tag the expires earlier, click on the Expiration box, and a calendar will display for you to choose a different date. Click Save.

Repeat the above steps to add the rest of the new custom tags.

Importing Cardholders with custom Tags

If you want to import a list of cardholders that you want the new custom tags applied to, you can use the Import list function.

First create a Comma Separated Value file using either a text editor, or a spreadsheet tool and save the file with the name Banned_VIP.csv

File Format of VIP/Banned List

The file format looks like this in a text file:

or in Excel:

The file format details are as follows:

Last,First,ID#,Code – and in this example the ID# has been left blank, if you know the ID# you can include that, if you don’t know the ID#, then leave it blank.

The following table describes the fields in more detail:

Field 1

Field 2 (Recommended)

Field 3 (Recommended)

Field 4

Last Name

First Name

Drivers License Number


Text String Text String Alphanumeric Text String One digit Numeric String – Zero (0) for Banned, One (1) for VIP, etc. or custom code, 10 ->??


 Importing the VIP/Banned File to the Scanner

Save the file on you desktop computer, and import the file by following the screen shots below:



Setup Menu                Configuration Menu


From the Setup Menu tap Configuration, from the Configuration menu tap

Advanced Setup. (Make sure Tag Check Enable is ON)

Advanced Setup            Banned/VIP

From the Advanced Setup menu click on the lower Tab titled Banned/VIP.

From this point you will need the USB to PC connector supplied with the IDVisorTouch and you will need a Windows PC with a USB port.

Connect the USB cable to the PC, if the PC has ActiveSync or Mobile Device center, ignore the prompts that may occur, the IDVisorTouch will behave like a new disk/ USB memory device when you connect the cable on this screen.

On XP computers, you may have to click on the My Computer icon to find the new drive,

On Vista and Windows 7, an autoplay window will display, in either case, use the Windows Explorer to display the new drive/memory called: dopod / Storage Card.

Copy the Banned_VIP.csv file from the PC to the folder called: Import Data



You can drag the file from your PC to the Storage Card/Import Data folder or you can use the traditional Copy and Paste features of Windows Explorer. Once the file has been copied, click on the close button and disconnect the USB cable. If the file was copied and it has the correct name, you will see and Import File dialog.



Import Dialog                File import confirmed

Click ok to begin the import process; if the file has the correct format, you will see a confirmation message indicating the number of records that were imported. Click the Save button on the bottom left until you are back to the Setup Menu, then click Home.

Once you are on the Home screen, click on IDScanner. This will launch the scanning application, and you scan a card that is on the list.

If the Tag Enable option is set to on, and a card on this list is scanned, you will see a screen display similar to the one below:

End of Post

Custom tags and Banned_VIP word document used to create this post – 3/12/14

Updated on December 31, 2020

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