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How to Synchronize Multi VIP/Banned List – IDVisor Touch / M310

Q: I have multiple clubs that I use the IDVisor 310. Over the course of the last year, we have banned specific people, I need to know how to transfer or add the banned list from one unit to the other so we can combine all the people from all three units and create one big banned list. If we ban one person from one club we want to make sure they are banned from the others. And sometimes we dont have that person’s info in the other units. Can we manually enter a persons id number into the unit and then ban him? Documentation is hard to find in regards to this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


A: Yes this is possible.  The process will use the VIP Banned List Import process which detailed in the document below:

Importing Banned VIP.pdf

Before following the above directions on each scanner, you first need to get the latest list of banned individuals out of each scanner.   To do this first follow the Exporting Data from IDVisorTouch from each scanner.  At the end of this process, you should have an Excel document for each scanner.

In Excel, sort the each spreadsheet on the tag code.

Go to Sort, Custom — sort by TagCode and Values

This will bring all the “tagged” customers to the top of the Excel document.   Show below is the customer list after sorting on the Tag code.  Notice all the tagged customers are now at the top of the spread sheet.  Copy and paste those rows to a new spreadsheet.  Repeat this process with each Excel spread sheet.

Once all the tagged customers are consolidated into one spread sheet, you’ll need to delete all columns in the spreadsheet BUT last name, first name, drivers license number and tag code.  Shown below is just the four columns for first name, last name, DL number and tag code.

Next move the last name column so its is the first column.  Highlight the last name column, right click cut and then highlight the first name column, right click and select “insert cut cells” When done, the spread sheet should look like this.


Next delete the header of the spreadsheet

Header Row High Lighted – then Delete this row

Below is spread sheet after deleting this row.


The final step is to save the file out from Excel as a comma separated value file (CSV) file.  Select File – Save As and pick CSV and name the file Banned_VIP.  Shown below is the file dialog box.  Notice the file type is CSV and the name is Banned_VIP.CSV.

When saving the file, you’ll get a warning

Hit Yes and continue.

After saving the file, locate it on your hard drive.  Before importing it into the scanner, try to open it using notepad or word pad.  Below is what the file looks like in Notepad.

Notice the extra commas at the bottom of the file.

Delete these extra commas and then review the format of the file.   You should see last name, first name, id number, and tag code (0->7).

Shown below is the file after the extra commas have been deleted.

If you have other people you’d like to add to the import list, go ahead and add them.

See the import banned list for additional details on the formatting of this file.  Importing Banned VIP.pdf

At this point, the file is ready to import into the scanner.    Follow directions in the Importing Banned VIP.pdf document and then import into the scanner.


Updated on December 31, 2020

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