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IDVisor Touch – Out of Memory Exceptions

This problem is due to older software on the IDVisor Touch – the latest version is and can be downloaded here.
If you are receiving a “File Store Error” or Corrupt SD card Error please see this post here.
If you get an “Out of Memory Exception” – please try the following. To access the SD card, you must first exit the application by going to Setup > Close Application from the main IDScanner menu (password is 5678 unless changed). Once the application is exited, tap on the Start button in the top left corner and select Settings. In the Settings menu, tap the third tab at the bottom called Connections. Select the icon called USB to PC, then choose the top option, Disk Driver, and tap OK in the top right corner. Now Connect the scanner to the PC. It should appear as an external storage device on your PC within a few seconds.
download      download (2)
After connecting the Touch to the PC, simply go into My Computer>Removable Disk>Back Up
device options
Note:Depending on your version on windows and your settings you may be prompted by Auto Play that a Removable disk has been added, if so click “Open device to view files”  and click on Back up.
back up
When inside the Back up folder you will see numerous back up files with the extension .sdf .We recommend keeping the most recent 10 .sdf files and deleting the older files(The files are labeled BkpDb Year Month Day) from the device.This can be done by selecting the files you want removed and pressing the  Delete key on your keyboard or by right clicking the files and selecting the Delete option. After removing the old back up files press the “Scan ID’s” (the green button) on the scanner to return to the application and scan an ID to test the device.
  • In the event that the error message still appears you can try to run  check disk on the removable drive. Instructions for running a check disk are posted here.
  • If running  check disk on the device does not dismiss the error message, call the Tokenworks Service Department at 1 800 574 5034 ext. 2 for further assistance.
Updated on December 31, 2020

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