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IDWedgeKB Serial Port Demonstration

This post will provide all the files and instructions required to demonstrate the IDWedgeKB in Serial Port mode.

You can download all the resources required to run the demonstration from this post.

Please watch this video to see the demo:

You will need:

  • IDWedgeKB
  • A PC running Chrome
  • A Drivers License with a 2D barcode
  • The Serial port test app – a chrome extension
  • The inf files to assist in installing the built in Serial Driver for Windows
  • The document – IDWedgeKB Serial Port and Chrome Serial API

Download these Resources:

IDWedgeKB Serial Port and Chrome Serial API in pdf, this documents all the steps in the video above.


The inf files to install the IDWedgeKB, unzip this to a folder on your PC, you will need this during h/w installation.


The Serial port test app, unzip this to a folder on your PC to install the unpacked extension into Chrome.



Updated on December 31, 2020

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