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Latest AgeVisor POS Software Updates

Release Date Software Version Description How to Download
03/29/2022 update the parsing to work with new OR format, and new CaC cards https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/private-agevisor-pos-2-0-1-5-installer-and-updater/ 
11/02/2020 Adds ability to control matching from imported tags. Improvements to USB relay https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/private-private-private-agevisor-pos-2-0-1-4-installer-and-updater/ 
09/30/2020 Adds the expiration date to manual entry https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/private-private-agevisor-pos-2-0-1-3-installer-and-updater/ 
07/08/2020 Improve Database delete options https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/private-private-agevisor-pos-2-0-1-2-installer-and-updater/ 
05/21/2020 Add Location check via Zip code https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/private-private-agevisor-pos-2-0-1-1-installer-and-updater/ 
03/19/2020 Update parsing and add Real ID field https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/private-agevisor-pos-2-0-1-0-installer-and-updater/ 
11/15/2019 Add manual entry, update DB for future FakeID detection feature https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/private-agevisor-pos-2-0-0-9-installer-and-updater/ 
04/12/2019 Update the parsing to add new MN magstripe and add gender X to AAMVA barcodes. https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/agevisor-pos-2-0-0-8-installer-and-updater-2/ 
03/22/2019 Update the parsing to add new MN magstripe and add gender X to AAMVA barcodes. https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/agevisor-pos-2-0-0-7-installer-and-updater/ 
01/16/2019 Added a Grandfathered feature, accessed via the age threshold screen.

The Grandfather clause feature makes it so that the customer can have the age alerts work properly if the state raises the age limit for an age restricted product but grandfather’s in people who were allowed to purchased the product before the age increase.

02/26/2018 Added support for multiple users and supports an external USB relay device. https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/agevisor-pos-2-0-0-5-installer-and-updater/ 
09/20/2017 Added support for the F406 presentation barcode scanner https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/agevisor-pos-2-0-0-4-installer-and-updater/ 
05/26/2017 2.3 Added an Export Compliance Report button to View Scan Data form, made the Hide button wider and added a test for upgraded license owners to prompt users to connect to server if not connected for more than 30 days. https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/agevisor-pos-2-3-installer-and-updater/ 
05/02/2017 2.2 Changed the main form property to be always on top. https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/agevisor-pos-2-2-installer-and-updater/ 
05/01/2017 2.1 Added a new limited data collection feature, and a new programming for the m420 to improve performance. https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/agevisor-pos-2-1-installer-and-updater/ 
04/10/2017 2.0 New screen layout and added IDVisor Sync compatibility. IDVisor Sync allows clients with multiple installations to manage multiple installations from one central server. Existing clients may want to install code to a different directory to test the new look and feel before overwriting existing software. https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/agevisor-2-0-installer/ 
03/10/2017 1.8 https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/agevisor-1-8-installer-and-updater/ 
07/22/2016 1.7 https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/agevisor-1-7-installer-and-updater/ 
07/12/2016 1.6 https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/agevisor-1-6-installer/ 
09/23/2014 1.5 https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/agevisor-installer/ 


Updated on July 19, 2022

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