AgeVisor Installer

Download the file below and unzip to a folder on your PC:

AgeVisor Installer

Follow the steps below to install the AgeVisor application to a PC:

  • Extract AgeVisorInstaller.exe from to a folder on your PC, run the installer.
  • After installation, connect scanner to PC using USB cord
  • Wait for USB drivers to install
  • Start program be clicking on the AgeVisor desktop shortcut
  • With Scanner connected and AgeVisor software running, Click on Setting->config and open port to scanner, click program scanner. This step is required once.
  • If you’ve purchased software, enter activation key. Email or call 800 574 5034 x2 if activation key not provide via email or with scanner hardware.
  • Set Age Thresholds for your jurisdiction, and scan card
  • See Help if required, check for automatic updates when PC is On-line.


Updated on December 31, 2020

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