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AgeVisor Aloha POS Boot Order

Background:  09/22/2016

Client running AgeVisor on Aloha terminal and recently replaced Aloha terminal with because original was damaged.

Aloha terminal running  Windows Embedded POS ready version 7

Client was unable to get AgeVisor to run on autoboot – but AgeVisor would work if they ran it after system booted.

Since code was working, we assumed it was something about startup process order.

Tried several ways to get AgeVisor to delay start – see below – but no luck.

Solution:  Client called back and said that when they checked “Auto-minimize to tray after specified time”, the problem was resolved.

Delayed Start Approaches

1.) Rename AgeVisor in hopes that startup folder executes in alphabetical order.

Tried to renamed AgeVisor Icon to ZageVisor – i.e. actually renamed executable from agevisor to zagevisor – running zagevisor.exe from c:\program files\agevisor works.

So right click on zagevisor.exe and send shortcut to desktop.     Drag zagevisor.exe icon from desktop into startup folder.

On next reboot, agevisor loaded ahead of aloha software and AgeVisor does not work.

2.) Tried to schedule a delayed task – see http://www.thewindowsclub.com/how-to-schedule-batch-file-run-automatically-windows-7

But this didn’t work because client didn’t have password for logon account.

i created a word doc but didn’t test on my pc – This seems like a good approach to launching AgeVisor after a delay.  Note: Not Tested because Client problem resolved via Agevisor config option.

agevisor delayed start aloha POS 09222016

Updated on December 31, 2020

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