Unlocking Software Upgrades

How to unlock additional software upgrades on the IDVisor Smart or Smart Plus:

  • Connect to WiFi
  • Navigate to:
    • Home
    • Help
    • About
    • Enter Code
  • Enter the unlock code and press enter (Code Provided by TokenWorks)
  • If key is accurate you will see “Unlocked Extra Features.”
  • You now should have access to the additional features you requested.

Additional Steps for Passport Scanning:

  • Enter Passport Unlock Code
  • Navigate back to “About”
  • Click “Download MRZ”
  • Download and install the update.
  • Once complete, hit the back button until you return to the home screen.
  • Select ID Scanner
  • Select “Passport” in the bottom left corner
  • Click Allow
  • Done – You can now scan passports


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