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Problem: Unrecognized Barcode Format Error

Problem: Unrecognized Barcode Format error appears when scanning an ID.
Solution: Verify that the Barcode Scanner is set to only read 2D barcodes. If other barcode formats are enabled, the above error message could appear.
How to verify the Barcode Scan is set to only read 2D barcodes (PDF417):
1. Exit out of the IDVisor Smart app by clicking Exit in the top-left
2. On the Device homepage click on the icon with six dots at the bottom center of the screen
3. Navigate to the Scanner app and tab it
4. Click on the Settings tab at the bottom of the screen.
5. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page to see the Barcodes settings listing. Click on the gear icon next to it.
6. Uncheck all barcode formats except PDF417.
7. Click the back button to return to the Device Home Screen and then relaunch the IDVisor Smart app
8. Test an ID again to check if the issue is resolved
9. If the above solution does not resolve the error message, send raw diagnostic data to Tokenworks
How to send raw diagnostic data to Tokenworks:
  • Connect the IDVisor Smart to Wi-Fi.
    • Swipe down on the LCD screen starting from the top.
    • Swipe a second time if notifications appear on screen.
    • Tap the Wi-Fi symbol.
    • Choose your Wi-Fi network from the list and enter a password if necessary.
    • Swipe up twice to return to the Smart Home Screen.
  • From the home screen select “Setup”
  • Select “Database”
  • Default PIN is 5678
  • Select “Send Diagnostic”
  • Hit “OK”
  • Choose “Gmail”
  • Create a new gmail, or sign in with an existing account. (We recommend creating a new gmail account)
  • Hit the “send arrow” icon on the compose email screen.

This raw data will help Tokenworks determine the source of the issue.

Contact our support team at 800-574-5034 ext 2 for further information.

Updated on December 31, 2020

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