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Importing a Tag List onto the IDVisor Smart

There is a feature in the IDVisor Smart that allows you to import a list of names you would like to tag. You can do this by creating a spreadsheet file named ‘Banned_VIP.csv’ and placing it on the Device.

Below are the directions for doing this:

1. Open up Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program.

2. Create the Tag List in the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet column format should be Last Name (Column A), First Name (Column B), ID Number (Column C), Date of Birth in  MMDDYYYY format (Column D), and Tag ID (0 is banned, 1 is VIP, etc) (Column E ). You should not include header names for the columns.

3. Save the Spreadsheet file as “Banned_VIP.csv”. I have attached a sample spreadsheet

4. Connect your scanner to your computer. You should see the Scanner in your Devices and Drivers under This PC or My Computer.

5. Navigate the scanner’s file system on your computer to the Phone Storage/Documents/IDVisorSmart folder

6. Copy and paste the Banned_VIP.csv file you just created into that folder.

7. Disconnect your device from the computer.

8. Open the IDVisorSmart app and go to Setup -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Import Tags.

9. When you press import it will attempt to import from the spreadsheet you create. You should receive feedback to the number of successful imports.

10. You can look at the imports by clicking the View Imports button to confirm that you see the names.

11. Now when someone who matches the imported Tag List is scanned, you will receive a message notifying you, and also giving the option to permanently apply that tag that the customer.
Updated on December 31, 2020

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