Tobacco Age 21 How To Adjust Age Threshold

How to set the age to 21 for Tobacco

The FDA raised the minimum age for sale of tobacco to 21 years on 12/20/2019. This post details how to adjust the age threshold on our products.

This post has step-by-step tutorials as well as a video that shows how to change the age threshold to 21 for Tobacco on the IDVisor Smart (mobile unit) and AgeVisor Touch (countertop unit).

IDVisor Smart

  1. Tap Setup
  2. Tap Configuration
  3. Enter password (default: 5678) and tap Submit
  4. Tap the dropdown menu for Tobacco Age
  5. Select the node for 21

AgeVisor Touch

  1. Tap Settings tab
  2. Tap Age Threshold
  3. Enter password (default: 5678) and tap Done
  4. Select the Age dropdown menu associated with Tobacco
  5. Select 21
  6. Select Done

VIDEO – How to Adjust Age Threshold for AgeVisor Touch and IDVisor Smart


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