Problem: AgeVisor Touch beeps, but does not display data

Problem: When scanning a 2D barcode, the scanner beeps, but the data is not being displayed.

Possible Cause: This could be caused by the scanner not connecting when the application starts up

Solution: Set the scanner to automatically connect on startup

Step 1:

Click on the Connection button in the Settings tab

Step 2:

Check the boxes next to M420 Scanner Enabled and MSR Magstripe Enabled

If the COM port for M260/MSR Port is COM1 change it to be the other option (typically COM3).

Press the following buttons in order:

  1. Connect MSR
  2. Config MSR
  3. Connect M420
  4. Config/Test Scanner

Check the box for Automatic Port Open

Press Save/Exit

Step 3:

Go back to the Main tab and attempt to scan an ID. If it correctly displays the information, then the issues should now be solved. If the issue continues, contact Tokenworks support.

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