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Latest IDVisor Sentry Installers

Release Date Software Version Description How to Download
01/03/2022 This version has a number of new features. Integration with LeafLogix API. Option to adjust quality of images. Option to better control SendSyncData. Fixed the bug with reporting log files from previous IDentiFake scans https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/private-idvisorsentry-installer-2-0-4-2/ 
10/14/2021 Add pop-up window appear with underage icons, option to disable age alerts for Unknown IDs , option to go into Camera mode for the M500 and add updated version of SendSyncData.exe file https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/private-idvisorsentry-installer-2-0-4-1/ 
07/28/2021 Added custom icons for Sync tags, Added button to IDentiFake help screen for disconnect issue https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/private-private-idvisorsentry-installer-2-0-4-0/ 
05/04/2021 Updates the Visit Summary PDF to include tags, new Identifake error handling on card scanning, misc feature improvements https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/private-private-private-idvisorsentry-installer-2-0-3-9/ 
03/01/2021 Add finger print reader, improve data deletions, e-mail/ph. added to Sync https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/private-private-private-idvisorsentry-installer-2-0-3-8/ 
01/14/2021 Add counter to prompt for scanner cleaning, improve m500 reset, improve app shutdown. https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/private-private-private-idvisorsentry-installer-2-0-3-7/ 
11/02/2020 This version fixes a bug with Auto Deletion. It also changes deletion so that the “date” folders are deleted if there are no files in them. https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/private-private-private-private-idvisorsentry-installer-2-0-3-6/ 
10/22/2020 Fix minor bugs, improves the help screen, and improves the IDentiFake help screen. https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/private-private-private-private-idvisorsentry-installer-2-0-3-5/ 
10/01/2020 Improves data transmission to the Sync, and improves usage with our scanners. https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/private-private-private-private-idvisorsentry-installer-2-0-3-4/ 
10/04/2018 https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idvisorsentry-installer-2-0-0-5/ 
05/03/2018 Added Lead Capture, Fixed bug when customer sets default photo in Sync mode, Fixed display bug where age was appearing in State field https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idvisorsentry-installer-1-0-0-7/ 
04/20/2018 Fixed bugs relating to Sentry working with IDVisor Sync, Added post-scan form filling capabilities, Updated print options for Customer Data Sheet. https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idvisorsentry-installer-1-0-0-6/ 
02/01/2018 New GUI, add In/Out feature and Vehicle feature, disable pin code on search. https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idvisorsentry-installer-1-0-0-5/ 
10/23/2017 improve GUI and performance of CR5400 scanner, add the form filler feature https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idvisorsentry-installer-1-0-0-4/ 
07/13/2017 1.0 https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idvisorsentry-installer/ 


Updated on July 19, 2022

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