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IdentiFake Library Update

AssureID Sentinel Document Library update:

October 2018  – version for AssureID Engine V5.1.23

This library update is for IDVisorSentry users with the Identifake document verification system.

Important Note: This update requires Admin privileges to run, and during the installation and setup, the IDVisorSentry app must be closed.  The Identifake system will be unavailable during this time. It may take a several minutes to complete this install

download the file below, unzip it to a folder on your PC and run the file (double click) to install the library update:


file size: 75Mb

Please allow a few minutes for the installation to be complete, before starting IDVisorSentry.  You can verify the update was successful by verifying the version number as seen on the about screen in the AssureID tray icon. (Right click the AssureID tray icon, select AssureID Settings->About)

Version of library is updated to



Updated on December 31, 2020

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