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Latest IDWedge Pro Software Updates


Release Date  Software Version  Description How to Download
07/13/2022 2.2.1 improved QLM Licensing logic to provided updated license files when s/w maintenance changes on server https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge_pro-installer-2-2-1/ 
09/21/2021 2.1 moved to QLM license system, improved deployment by moving simulation files to new directory https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge_pro-installer-2-1/ 
07/01/2021 Improved performance with h/w scanners. Added option to save image as just ID Number. Improved data file writing options –  Eleckey License system
09/14/2020 improve performance when using QS1000 scanner, add option to save image using ID number https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-3-7/ 
12/16/2019 Improve behavior when saving images using UNC path https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-3-6/ 
12/02/2019 first release that supports saving image files using external drive (UNC) https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-3-5/ 
10/10/2019 add support for 3M scanner (CR5400) https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-3-4/ 
09/17/2019 add x86 face detection, Implement face cropping, move to .net 4.5.2 https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-3-2/ 
05/29/2018 Update M280 image capture logic to fix bug introduced by Win10 May 2018 Cumulative update, the bug displays a “scanner busy” message, and this version fixes that bug https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-2-6/ 
02/15/2018 Add Brightness feature for M280 Image, allow WCF to work without Admin privileges, as long as app was previously run at least once with this new version, under Admin. https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-2-5-2/ 
09/12/2017 Add support for the F406 presentation barcode scanner https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-2-4/ 
07/10/2017 Re-package app to minimize footprint by embedding DLL files into executable, modify the updshlc.xml file the controls update behavior https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-2-3/ 
04/06/2017 New feature to save scan output to flat file, and change WCF service to output message, if same card is scanned twice. https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-2-2/ 
12/06/2016 Modify the Advanced Title bar recognition feature to include wild card search for Contains or Ends With https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-2-1/ 
10/26/2016 Smaller PinPad form, hides digits, new field processing to remove dashes, spaces https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-2-0/ 
10/24/2016 Set the Disable User Message setting to default = Enabled, fix issue with Serial Port and SessionSwitch event https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-1-9/ 
10/05/2016 Manually Trigger an Update to IDWedgePro https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/manually-trigger-an-update-to-idwedgepro-1-0-1-8/ 
09/29/2016 Added SystemEvents.SessionSwitch detection to manage Com port when user switches or locks current session.  If the next user is logging in, then Windows StartUp folder will auto start IDWedgePro.  If next user is already logged in and IDWedgePro is running, then it will automatically open the com port.   Before this update, locking or swiching sessions closed IDWedgePro to free up the Com port but since locking was a frequent event, it was inconvenient to restart IDWedgePro on each unlock event.

Add ability to Disable/Enable 1D Barcodes for M260-M280, and restores control box to main form (X) to exit or minimize.

09/07/2016 Added SystemEvents.SessionSwitch detection to close IDWedgePro (Application and Com ports) when user switches login.  If the next user is logging in, then Windows StartUp folder will auto start IDWedgePro.  If next user is already logged in, then they must manually start IDWedgePro.   Therefore it is ideal if users log out between sessions.    Before this update, the next user could not open the com port because the previous user session of IDWedgePro was still connected to the com port.  https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-1-6/ 
08/24/2016 add pin code logic to protect settings, and clear screen after 60 seconds. https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-1-5/ 
06/08/2016 fixed bug with DoccIssueDate field https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-1-4/ 
06/02/2016 upgrade Eleckey 2.0 R8 version to get updates to work https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-1-3/ 
04/14/2016 get https working for WCF https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-1-0-1-2/
03/10/2016 Initial release of WCF feature using Eleckey license system https://www.idscanner.us/knowledge-base/idwedge-pro-installer-3/ 


Updated on July 19, 2022

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