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IDWedge Pro Installer

This is the full version of the IDWedge Pro software. You can use it in demo-mode without an activation code. Please contact us for an activation code.  Do not update your code with this Installer, because it will erase your formulas unless properly backed up.   Use the update feature in the app.

Change in this Version:  Added SystemEvents.SessionSwitch detection to manage Com port when user switches or locks current session.  If the next user is logging in, then Windows StartUp folder will auto start IDWedgePro.  If next user is already logged in and IDWedgePro is running, then it will automatically open the com port.   Before this update, locking or swiching sessions closed IDWedgePro to free up the Com port but since locking was a frequent event, it was inconvenient to restart IDWedgePro on each unlock event.

Add ability to Disable/Enable 1D Barcodes for M260-M280, and restores control box to main form (X) to exit or minimize.

Change update feature from automatic to manual.

Note: to use https feature, please read WCF section help file as a security exception has to be added to allow browser to access https:\\localport:8390


(Download and extract the archive to your PC, then run the installer)

Updated on December 31, 2020

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