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IDWedge_Pro Installer 2.2.1

This is the full version of the IDWedge_Pro software. This is a full featured form filling application that uses scanned drivers license data to fill in your forms.

You can use it in demo-mode by registering for a trial license on the Activation screen using the Try button. You can purchase a license using the Buy button on the Activation screen.

(Download and extract the archive below to your PC, then run the installer)

IDWedge_Pro QLM Installer 2.2.1_newUser.zip

(Updated 7/13/22) – Continue using Product IDWedgePro 2.2 for QLM key generation

Note: The application will not run without a license file, you will be e-mailed a trial license good for 10 days after you register using the Try button on the Activation form.  You may need to check your spam folder for the trial license response.  There is a simulation feature which lets you evaluate the software, without the need of a ID Scanner.  You can purchase a compatible scanner from TokenWorks.

Please contact us for an a scanner that will meet your requirements.

Updated on July 13, 2022

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