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IDWedgePro Unresponsive In System Tray

The IDWedgePro app is designed to run in the background with minimal user actions, once the formulas have been entered.  When IDWedgePro is running in the background, there will be an icon in the tray with a menu that can be accessed by right clicking the icon.

To enable this feature, you must go to Settings->Configuration-> and check of the feature called:

Send App to Tray on Launch or Minimize

The screen shot below shows the recommended setting for running IDWedgePro from the tray:

Note: if the feature: Send App to Tray on Launch or Minimize is not enabled, then the tray menu will not work, and you may discover that minimizing IDWedgePro sends the app to the background and there is no way to show the main form.  If this is the case, then you can find the app by hitting Alt+Tab to cycle through all the open apps on the PC and locate IDWedgePro without using the Tray icon.


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Updated on December 31, 2020

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