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IDWedge Pro configuration for QuickBooks QB Point of Sale POS


Date 5/23/2016
This post explains how to configure IDWedgePro to work with QuickBooks (QB) Point of Sale (POS) software (version 12.0)
This applies to IDWedgePro version

Note: be careful when copying and pasting <add key=”SendKeys” value=”SendInput”/> into the config file – we had to copy and paste the existing quotation marks because idwedgepro crashed with pasted quotation marks.  The pasted quotes look the same but are somehow unacceptable to idwedgepro’s processing software.  


IDWedgePro does not complete the Add Customer pop up for in QuickBooks Point of Sale software. IDWedgePro works with Desktop version and Web version QuickBooks, but the Point of Sale (POS) uses custom pop-up forms which are incompatible with some Microsoft operating system features.


Modify IDWedgePro.exe.Config file and use delays in formula


  1. open notepad.exe
  2. Make copy of  IDWedgePro.exe.Config (backup and rename to IDWedgePro.exe.Config.back)
  3. open IDWedgePro.exe.Config with notepad
  4. add <add key=”SendKeys” value=”SendInput”/> to end of add key section in file
  5. Save file
  6. Start IDWedge Pro
  7. Build formula – but note – add short delay after each tab command.


IDWedgePro uses an operating system feature to send keys to the active application and wait for each field to be completed.
QB POS software is not compatible with the wait feature and adding <add key=”SendKeys” value=”SendInput”/>to the config file disables the wait feature.
Therefore, after making this change, depending on the application’s ability to handle text input, it may be necessary to add short delays after each field using the IDWedgePro pause feature.
Updated on December 31, 2020

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