IDWedge Pro, Start Up, Duplicate Settings on new PCs, Activation

Q: How to start IDWedge Software at Windows Start?
A: Put IDWedge pro icon into windows Startup folder
And also check the “send app to Tray on Launch or Minimize” check box in the settings form of IDwedge Pro
Q:I saved formula — is it browser specific?
* the name of the title bar shows Kiosk – Google Chrome, do I have to do the same for “Firefox”
A: Yes, if you want the formula to work the same way in different browsers, you need to copy the formula.  The software looks at the entire title bar – so its typically the app name plus the document/web page.

Q: How can I duplicate the settings or formula’s between computers?
A: The IDWedgePro formulas are saved in a file named “ SuperIDWedge.sdf”,  located in the C:\TokenWorks\IDWedgePro\ folder.  Just copy the *.sdf file to the same folder(s) on the new computer(s)

Q: Is my registration code the same for every computer?
A: Each PC needs a unique activation code.
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