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IDWedge Pro: Backing Up and Restoring Formulas

How to Backup/Restore Formulas for IDWedgePro

This post will guide you on how to backup/restore your formulas you created in the IDWedge Pro program. It also guides M280 users on how to backup their Scanned Images.


Step 1: From the Main form, select Settings->Backup/Restore.


Step 2: Click Backup Formulas button, using the default path of C:\Tokenworks\IDWedgePro\Backup. This will create a backup file of your formulas.


NOTE: If you are backing up the formulas because you are going to transfer formulas between PCs, format your hard drive, or change operating systems. Copy the file: SuperIDWedge_xxx_xxx.sdf to a usb drive, removable media or a network drive/cloud account. Once the new install of the IDWedge Pro is completed, copy the original Backup File in C:\Tokenworks\IDWedgePro\Backup.


Step 3: To restore your formulas go back to Settings->Backup/Restore as you did in Step 1. Select Restore Formulas. A file dialog will open to the backup folder, click on the SuperIDWedge_xxx_xxx.sdf file you wish to restore and click open.



After selecting the Backup File you will see a dialog box asking if you want to proceed with the restore. Click Yes.


Another dialog box will appear letting you know the restore has been completed.


Updated on December 31, 2020

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