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IDVisor Pro Advisor – Power Supply – Amazon USB Micro Alternative

IDVisor Pro Service Advisor – Damage due to wrong power supply.

We have discovered that client’s employees are mistakenly using non-5Volt power supplies with the IDVisor Pro.   In many establishments there are multiple devices which have the same power jack (radio charger, duplex scanners, credit card terminals, wireless phones, etc.).  Many users/employees are not aware of the different voltage outputs and unfortunately, when a 12 Volt power supply is mistakenly used with the IDVisor Pro, damage to the main board can occur.

If there is a chance the wrong power supply might be plugged into the IDVisor Pro, then read on.  

The IDVisor Pro was designed to avoid problems with broken power jacks by using a dedicated charging cradle and a charger sled.    Ideally the supplied 5 volt power supply would be plugged into the charge base and never touched.     However in a busy retail environments, employees often plug the most likely power supply into the device.

There are two solutions we propose;

  • Locate the charging cradle with the 5 Volt power supply originally provided with the scanner in a location where there is NO other power supply.  Move away from the radio chargers, the metal scanners, the credit card terminal and any other device which has a wall power supply.  If this is not possible, then we suggest,
  • Use a tie wrap or string to secure the 5 Volt power supply to the charging cradle so that its impossible for an employee to remove the 5 Volt power jack.
  • Physically obstruct the normal barrel jack female plug by tapping over it or using a TokenWorks 3D printed plug insert (See below).  Send an email to support at TokenWorks.com or call us to request this plug.  Then purchase a Micro USB charger shown below or use a standard Micro USB charger from an Android phone/tablet.  The micro USB charger will charge just as well and ensure users do NOT use a power supply that can damage the IDVisor Pro.

Shown below is the slide on cradle with a red X over the DC barrel jack and a green circle around the micro USB female plug.

Cradle Marked







The following USB – Micro power supply is available for purchase via Amazon, and can be used to safely and efficiently charge the IDVisor Pro.

EasyAcc 5V 2A Micro USB Travel Charger
Link: http://amzn.com/B00A9PO5AM

Show below is the Powerjack plug which will prevent the use of a standard cannon charger, therefore forcing employees to charge the scanner with a USB power supply and preventing the use of an incorrect power supply.





Updated on December 31, 2020

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