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IDVisor Pro – Deleting All Customer Records

How to delete all ID Data from IDVisorPro

This procedure will explain the process of removing all Customer Records and Scanned Data from the IDVisorPro. The process is achieved by restoring a blank/empty database using the Database maintenance menu. This procedure assumes you know the pin codes that protect the various menu items. In this example all pin codes have been disabled for clarity.

If your IDVisorPro was acquired before September 9, 2015, you will need to copy an empty database file to your device.  Here is a link to the file –  BkpDb20150909_110816_14_0.sdf  in zip form – download and unzip to your PC.    The empty database restore point is September 9, 2015, and file name is called BkpDb20150909_110816_14_0.sdf. It should be located in Storage Card\Backup folder of the Scanner and if missing, can be re-installed using these instructions.

The IDVisorPro attempts a daily backup, during the first 5 minutes of in-activity when the Scanning form is open. This is done to help protect user data. Users who do not want to store any Card holder data may manually remove all backup databases, except for the empty DB called BkpDb20150909_110816_14_0.sdf.

Following this procedure will erase all Tagged customers. If there are Banned or VIP clients in the database which the scanner should recognize, do not follow this procedure. This procedure will bring the unit back to a factory default condition. If you only want to erase the history data, then use “Clear Scan Data” button in the Setup->Database form.

Installing the “Empty” backup database

Step1: Connect IDVisorPro to PC to clear backup Databases, and load the empty DB.

When you place the IDVisorPro into the Cradle and connect the USB cable to the PC, choose “Open folder to view files” option. Note: These screen shots assume the USB control is set to Storage Card and NOT Activesync. To set up the USB control – see this post – http://idscannerus.wpengine.com/?p=4285

An Explorer window will open to the Storage Card folder of the Scanner:

Open the folder called Backup and Erase and copy the empty Database file (BkpDb20150909_110816_14_0.sdf) to the folder.

If you’d like to erase all previous backups, then Erase all other backup files, leaving just the BkpDb20150909_110816_14_0.sdf file in the directory.

Note: the name has the date encoded as 20150909 after the letters “BkpDb”

Restoring Database using backup

Step 2:

Remove the Scanner from the Cradle and go to the Setup menu, then go to the Database Menu.

Setup Menu                    Database Menu

On the Database Menu, tap the Restore button, a Calendar will appear, navigate to September, and click on the date of September 9, 2015.

Select the 9th of September 2015        select the 9/9/2015 archive

Step 3:

Restore the Empty Database

Click Yes to restore the Empty Database, the Maintenance screen will re-appear.

Step4: Verify the Empty Database by clicking on the Check DB button.

You should see that there are now 0 Scans and 0 Customers.

You can now Exit the Database menu, and exit the Setup menu to return to the Home screen.

How to verify all data is erased

To confirm that IDVisorPro is cleared by looking at the following screens shots:

From the home screen, click on Scanned Data, it should show no records:

Home screen                    Scanned Data

To verify there are no Customer Records, Click on the Home->Search button

Click the Search button; it should indicate, “No records found”


Once you have copied the empty Database file, you will be able to repeat this process again in the future, by using the Database Restore feature, and choosing the September 9, 2015 restore point. You may have to reconnect the Device to the PC to remove any other Backup files that may be present or you can exist the IDvisor Pro application (assuming you have the PIN code) and use the file explore to delete backup files.

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Original Word Document – How to delete all ID Data from IDVisorPro_cwc090915.doc

Updated on December 31, 2020

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