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How to setup the TSD Formula for IDWedge Pro

This post assumes you’ve already installed IDWedge Pro on your computer and want to get it working with TSD’s auto / fleet management web-based software.  See TSD Website

Here is a video showing IDWedgeBT working with TSD’s web site.  This post shows how to do the same thing with IDWedge Pro which also allow images to be captured from the ID and saved to TSD’s web site.

This post assumes no other formula’s have been defined in IDWedgePro.

If you’ve already defined formulas in IDWedgePro, do NOT follow this procedure as it will erase existing formulas

So assuming this is the first formula, please proceed.

This is the formula to enter into the IDWedge Pro to capture information into the TSD Website.

  1. Download and unzip the SuperIDWedge file
  2. Copy the SuperIDWedge.sdf file to IDWedgePro folder Located : C:\Tokenworks\IDWedgePro








3. Select Move and replace when you see the Move File promptLaunch the IDWedge Pro Software and go to Settings then  Formula.In the Saved

4. Formula drop down, select  TSD. The Drivers Licence Fields should match the Drivers Licence Fields in the image below .









If your Title bar does not match the shown above you will need to follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the TSD Form in your preferred browser.
  2. Create a new formula by typing a Formula name in the New Formula text box and Select the TSD Title Bar from the Title Bar List running on this PC drop down .(If the TSD title bar is not showing press the Refresh Title Bar List below the drop down and open the Title Bar list again.)
  3. Once the correct title bar is selected press the Add  Formula.The Formula Enabled Check box will automatically be checked.Press the Save Changes button.
  4. Next Go to Saved Formulas and select TSD. Press the Copy DL Formula Button.Then go to Saved Formulas and Select the newly created formula.Press the  Paste DL Formula button.Press the Save Changes Button.
  5. To test if the Formula is working correctly Press Exit,then place the Cursor in the Last Name Field on the form and Swipe an ID.The Card Data should populate the TSD.

For Use with Credit cards

  1.  Select Your Formula on the Saved Formula Drop Down .Click the Credit Card Tab.
  2. In the Credit Card Fields select  Track 1 then press the Add  Button to the right ,next select Track 2 and press the Add button .
  3. Lastly Select Tab from Keyboard Keys and Select add.
  4. The Credit card field should look as follows. If So Press Save Changes and Exit


If you have any trouble with the process, please give us a call and we will help walk you through the process:

(800) 574-5034 ext. 2

Updated on December 31, 2020

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