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How to Set the Clock on the IDVisor Touch (Old and New Software)

If the clock on the IDVisor Touch ID Scanner is not set, then the scanner will prompt you to set the date and time before it will allow you to use the age verification software. This is done because the customer’s age is calculated based on the current date and time that is set in the scanner. Therefore if you do not set the date and time, all customers will show up as younger than they really are.

To set the date and time:

Go to Setup -> Set Date and Time (enter pin code 5678 if prompted)

Set the day by tapping on the date add then scrolling the left wheel to the correct day, the middle wheel to the correct month, and the right wheel to set the year.

Once you are done, just tap on the grey area again. Then set the time in the same manner. Once you are done, tap the save button

NOTE: If your software is older than then you may have to close the application and restart it for the date and time setting to take effect. To do this go to Setup -> Close Application (input code 5678 if prompted) and then click on the title bar that says “Start IDVisor Touch”.

Now tap on ID Scanner and the age verification form should appear with the correct date and time in the top right corner.

If you do have old software, it is advised that you upgrade to the newest version of software ( by following the link below:


Updated on December 31, 2020

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