Eyemetrics 2 Scanner App

download and unzip this archive to access the KPL Tray VS2010 project that works with 2 scanners, Com port and Hid-Compliant:


posted 9/19/2022

Below is an installer (Self Extracting Archive) that will install the application onto your hard drive in the following path:  C:\Eyemetrics\Tray2

Eyemetics Tray2 Installer.zip

unzip this file and then run the SFX (Eyemetics Tray2 Installer.exe) to install the app.

To delete the app, you only have to delete the folder it is installed to.

Icons will be created on the desktop and the Start Menu, you will need to run the app as Admin on the first time (right click the desktop icon and select “Run as Admin”) to install the certificated required for WCF operation.  It is recommended that you have the Hid-Compliant scanner connected to the PC prior to running the application, to ensure proper operation.  The application will find the 2nd scanner configured as a USB-Serial device, this will require programming the scanner and installing the UFCOM driver.

This document below contains the barcodes required to program the Newland scanners to work with the UFCOM driver and also contains a link to the UFCOM driver, which needs to be installed on the PC that will be used to evaluate the application.

UFCOM Programming Codes.docx


Updated on September 19, 2022

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