Unlocking Software Upgrades

How to unlock additional software upgrades on the IDVisor Smart or Smart Plus: Connect to WiFi Navigate to: Home Help About Enter Code Enter the unlock code and press enter (Code Provided by TokenWorks) If key is accurate you will

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How to Install IdentiFake

Download and Run the IDVisor Sentry + IdentiFake Installer Follow the Instructions Below   Once Activated you need to shutdown the service, then restart the service. Start IDVisor Sentry Default Pin Code is 5678 Now Navigate back to the home

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Problem: Unrecognized Barcode Format Error

Problem: Unrecognized Barcode Format error appears when scanning an ID. Solution: Verify that the Barcode Scanner is set to only read 2D barcodes. If other barcode formats are enabled, the above error message could appear. How to verify the Barcode

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Problem: Unable To Change Time Zone on AgeVisor

Problem: Time Zone setting is “grayed out” and cannot be changed. . Cause: The time zone is set automatically based on the device’s Windows 10 settings. Solution: Adjust the time zone via the Windows settings. To change the Windows 10 Time Zone

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Problem: AgeVisor Touch Date & Time is Incorrect/Resets

Problem: AgeVisor Touch is displaying the incorrect time.  The time value resets every 20 or 30 minutes, even after being set correctly. Cause: The operating system (Windows 10) is attempting to set the time automatically but does not have a wifi

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Upgrading from IDWedge to IDWedge Pro

An IDWedge can be easily upgraded to an IDWedge Pro by following these steps: Contact Tokenworks (800-574-5034 ext 1) and purchase IDWedge Pro software upgrade for $100 Download Software – IDWedge Pro Install Software – Installation Guide Activate Software

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Windows 10 Compatibility with AgeVisor, IDWedge, IDWedgePro.

The AgeVisor, IDWedge and IDWedgePro are all compatible with Windows 10. To ensure that the product works properly, please be sure to update the FDTI drivers. Here are the latest FDTI Drivers: Click the “Available as a Setup executable”

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