Troubleshooting IDVisor Z22 MSR

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Problem Possible Problem Possible Solution
“Palm does not power up when any button is pressed – screen does not light up AND scanner green ready light lights up with external power.
Quick Test: Scanner should triple beep when power is connected.  If not, see next section below.
Palm Z22 Batteries are low or dead Connect charger and wait 5 minutes for Palm to charge.  Palm will take 5 minutes to turn on if battery fully depleted. After waiting 5 minutes, perform soft reset procedure.
See Soft Reset Video
Palm Z22 damaged by Liquid Hold screen at angle to light and look for sections of screen which appear stuck together.  If visible, liquids were splashed on screen and were not wiped before seeping into into Palm.  Unit will need to be factory repaired.
Palm Z22 Computer Hung up. Soft Reset – After charging for 5 minutes and with external power connected, Try soft reset – turn over so that you can see the back of it. Using the stylus, gently press the reset hole on the back. If that doesn’t work, get a paper click, unwind so there is about 1″ of wire, hold scanner under strong light and looking into reset hole.  You should see aluminum plate with 1/8″ hole and a black plastic button in center of hole. Align wire with button and press gently.  You should feel a button click.  Turn over and look for Palm Logo on screen. See Soft Reset Video
USB Cable between Palm Z22 and Power PCB is loose (note: only technically proficient personnel should attempt this) Open Case, check cable connections
Palm Hardware failure Contact TokenWorks Technical support.
Scanner Green Ready LED does not turn on with External power supply. (Palm does not power up either). Wrong or Damaged Power Supply Check Power Supply – Mobile Unit is 12Volt DC, 1Amp, Center Positive Plug; CounterTop is 5.2Volt DC, 0.5Amp, USB plug
Damaged Power Jack/Connector on side of case Wiggle Power connector – if scanner turns on/off, then cord and/or connector is damaged.
Z22 Mobile Version Battery discharged Connect external power, check LED next to power check, it should be RED, wait about 5 minutes and remove power. If scanner stays on, then continue to charge.
Scanner Green Ready LED only turns on with external power supply (does not turn on with battery power). Battery Pack disconnected from Main PCB (note: only technically proficient personnel should attempt this) Open case, check battery cable connections.  If loose, re-insert into connector and then use tie/wrap or tape and secure battery cable to adjacent grey scanner cable.
CardVisor program does not launch when Calendar button is pressed – instead Palm Calendar displays. Calendar button not associated with Cardvisor Application See Associating Calendar & Contact Buttons with CardVisor Application and/or MemoPad.
Wrong Age Displayed Clock Not Set to correct Date/Time  Look at clock in top right corner of main screen.  If incorrect, then set Date/Time on Palm Computer.
See Video on setting date/time
Date/Time in top right corner of main CardVisor screen not updating Displayed Date/Time only updates after a license is scanned. Scan an ID and the time displayed in the top right corner of the Main screen will update.
Date/Time not updating in Memopad transaction log Same ID is being scanned The software will not record duplicate scans so try scanning two or three different licenses to see the date/time stamp change in the transaction log.
Contacts Screen displays when instead of License data Contacts button not associated with MemoPad Application See Associating Calendar & Contact Buttons with CardVisor Application and/or MemoPad.
License data does not display when Contacts or View Data button is pressed – Swipe data missing in MemoPad Application – License Data in MemoPad does not change after an ID is scanned. The MemoPad Category is set to display only personal or business memos. Change Category to ‘All’ or ‘CardVisor.’  Tap on category displayed in upper right corner of screen, from pull down menu, select CardVisor or All. Or Press on View Data Button multiple times until CardVisor appears in top left corner.
PIN Code has been set Open Security application and present PIN code. To Test if PIN code is set, try to delete all data from the scranner.  If first message states PIN code is set and data deletion is not permitted, then somebody has set the PIN Code.
CardVisor application not visible on Main application launcher screen Category not set to All or unfiled. Select All or unfiled in the top right corner of the screen.
CardVisor application has been deleted Reinstall CardVisor software using Palm Desktop installation tool.
Bar Code Reader does not decode license – No beep after withdrawing license from reader. Bar Code is dirty Examine bar code for scratches, dirty and clean with soft cloth.
Bar Code is damaged If sufficiently damaged, it may be impossible to read.  Try another license.
License skewed / tilted during insert Try reinserting and removing license while ensuring it goes in and comes out without tilting or
skewing card.
License withdrawn from reader too soon. Wait for red LED to stop flashing before withdrawing license.
No 2D bar code or 2D bar code not facing PDA Make sure there is a 2D bar code and that it is facing the PDA.  A 2D bar code looks like this:2D Barcode
Foreign object in slot Try to clear objects by holding reader upside down and gently shaking.  Do not insert metal objects or other objects to clear slot!
Reader is broken Contact TokenWorks for support


Problem Possible Problem Possible Solution
Magnetic Cards not decoding, “swipe again” displayed Magnetic stripe is dirty Clean stripe with soft cloth.
Magnetic Card may be damaged Try another card.
Magnetic Card may be miss-aligned during card swipe Ensure card is being held flush to base of card track during swipe.  Try swiping at different speeds, in a
different direction, holding the card at different locations, or changing the orientation of the Handspring.
Magnetic read head dirty. Use credit card reader cleaning card to clean dirt off Magnetic read head.

VIP/Banned List Database Troubleshooting

Problem Possible Problem Possible Solution
Can not create VIP_Banned.pdb from Ban_VIP_List.txt file Missing comma(s) between fields, extra commas in line or missing carriage return at end of each line. Check to make sure there are commas between the columns and carriage returns at the end of each line (i.e. only four columns per line)
More than one or no carriage return after the last line in Ban_VIP_List.txt  file Make sure there is only one carriage return at the end of the file.
Data is incomplete Make sure each line has at least a last name and either a 1 or a 0 in the status column.
While creating the VIP_Banned.pdb file, receiving the ‘error on the number of fields’ Extra carriage returns at the end of the Ban_VIP_List.txt file. Delete extra carriage returns at the end of the Ban_VIP_List.txt file and try again.
Person not being found in database Database not in proper order Test database using ‘Test VIP/BannedDatabase’ Menu Item and if out of order, recreate and reinstall database.
The driver’s license number for the person does not match the one in the database. Compare the driver’s license number captured for the license (open Memo in MemoPad). If different with number stored in database, either remove number from database (this will cause them to be displayed on the possible match screen) or update their license number with the same number captured by CardVisor (this will cause
them to be displayed on the confirmed match screen).
Database not loaded. Test database using ‘Test VIP/Banned Database’ Menu Item and if out of order, recreate and reinstall database.
More than six people with same last name and no license numbers Enter the driver’s license number captured for this person (captured Memo in MemoPad) into the database.  This will cause them to be displayed on the Confirmed match screen.
The Status field is not a ‘1’ or a ‘0’ Review the status field for this person and ensure there is a ‘1’ or ‘0’ character in the field. Any other character will cause the record to be ignored.
Person has wrong status Status field not set correctly If the status field is 1, the person will be categorized as VIP, if it is any other value (e.g. 55 or 0), they will be categorized as BANNED.  Correct status field and reload database
Updated on December 31, 2020

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