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IDVisor Z22 MSR Software Update – 4.7 Standard and Credit Card

IDVisor Z22 MSR Software With and Without Credit Card- Version 4.7

This software gives the user the ability to delete data that is 0, 1 or 7 days old OR keep last 9000 scans.  An optional version adds the ability to scan and save credit card data.  We normally do not ship the credit card  version with the scanners because most clients have no need to capture credit card data.   But some merchants need to ability to check that the data on the credit card matches the data on the drivers license to protect against identity fraud.   The police also use this software to investigate credit card fraud.

CardVisorZ22MSR_4.7.prc WinZip_icon_16

CardVisorZ22MSR_4.7_CreditCard.prc   WinZip_icon_16  (Note: Zip file – download and unzip -> cardvisorZ22MSR_4.7.prc which gets installed on scanner)

Software for the IDVisor Z22 MSR – the hardware that has just a magnetic stripe scanner – NOT for Mobile and CounterTop Units.

To update your scanner, please follow these steps:

1. Make sure Palm Desktop is properly installed onto your PC. Here is a link to Installing the Palm Desktop:  If you are running an older version of Windows then please refer to this chart to determine the best version of  Palm desktop for you. The Palm download links are just below the chart.

Next, you will need to hotsync your scanner if you have not already done so.

To hotsync, connect the scanner to the PC with Palm Desktop installed using the USB cable provided. Once you hear a Da-Dunk sound, hit the hotsync icon on the scanner (it looks like two arrows making a circle in the bottom right corner of the scanner screen). A window should pop up on the PC that will ask if you would like to create a new account. Select Yes and wait for the hotsync process to finish. This may take several minutes.

Now to update the software, click the link at the top of this page to download the newest version of the IDVisor software. It is a ZIP file so it will have to be downloaded and extracted. Once downloaded, simply double click the file and it will automatically open with  Palm Quick Install. Just select the file and hit OK. Once you see it in the Palm Quick install window and ensure the hotsync name at the top is the correct name, hotsync your scanner again and it will put the new software onto the scanner and you’re done!


****Tested on a MSR on 5/22/14 by FM****  All tests were successful.

Updated on December 31, 2020

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