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Send Memopad

How to Send MemoPad Data to TokenWorks

1. Install the Palm Desktop application on your PC.

a. The Palm Desktop application is on the Handspring CD (green CD for Handspring, Orange CD for Palm).

b. Follow the directions to install the CD and connect the Hotsync cradle to the PC.

c. For help, visit the IDScanner.com/help

2. Hotsync the data with the PC.

a. Connect the Hotsync cable to the IDVisor Z22 scanner.

b. Tap the Hotsync Icon Send Memopad 1 on the main screen.

c. If using a Handspring product, put the Handspring Visor into the cradle and press the cradle’s hotsync button.

d. The hotsync alarm will sound from the Handspring Visor and the Hotsync dialog message box will display on the PC.

e. For help, visit the IDScanner.com/help

3. Launch Palm Desktop Send Memopad 2

a. After a successful Hotsync, launch the Palm Desktop application.

b. Hit the MemoPad button on the left menu bar.

c. You should see the same memo data that you see when you hit the memopad button on the visor.

d. Exit the Palm Desktop application.

4. Find the MemoPad.dat file and send to TokenWorks.

a. Open the File Explorer and search for a file called ‘MemoPad.dat’.

b. This file is typically located at C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\HotSyncName\memopad\memopad.dat (where HotSyncName is the name specified during your first Hotsync)

c. For older systems, the file will be at C:\ProgramFiles\HandSpring\HotSyncName\memopad\memopad.dat

d. Send the file as an attachment to support@tokenworks.com

Updated on December 31, 2020

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