Installing Palm USB 64-Bit Driver For Palm Desktop On 64-Bit version of Windows OS

If you are having trouble hotsyncing your Z22 ID scanner, it may be because you are using a 64bit windows operating system.   The Palm Desktop software is compatible with 64bit operating systems, but the USB hotsync drivers supplied with the Palm Desktop are 32 bit driers so a 3rd party, Aceeca has developed a 64bit USB driver that works with Palm Desktop Hotsync manager.

To install it, please follow the instructions below after downloading this file:


Aceeca 64 bit Driver

Installing Windows 64-Bit Driver For Palm Desktop On Windows OS 64 Bit
The screen shots below show Windows 7 – but they apply to Vista and Windows 8

To install these drivers, you must first download them and extract them to your computer. Then follow these simple steps.

When first attempting to connect the ID scanner to your PC and hit the hotsync button, you will encounter this message:

This is normal, do not panic. You must now tell the computer where the new Aceeca device drivers that you downloaded are.

To do this, go to the start menu and search for Device Manager and open it:

Your Device Manager will look like this:

You will also notice a device with a yellow question mark next to it like this:

Right click on this device and select Update Driver Sofware:

It will then give you this message. Choose to manually brows e your computer for the correct driver:

Now hit the Browse button and select the location that you unzipped the Aceeca drivers:

It will ask you if you would like to install these drivers. Select Install:

Finally it will let you know that you have successfully installed the drivers:

Finally hit the hotsync button on your scanner and a hotsync screen should appear and ask if you would like to create a new account. Select Yes and wait for the hotysnc to finish. Now follow the procedure for extracting data which is explained in the software manual.

Here is a link to download the Aceeca 64 bit drivers:

Aceeca 64 Driver Installation Procedure

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