IDWedgeKB Android Serial Terminal Samsung Note 8

IDWedgeKB Android Serial Demo

Watch IDWedgeKB work as a drivers license / ID Scanner natively connected to Android Samsung Note 3

The IDWedgeKB USB Serial driver works with Android.
Here is a video showing it working with Samsung Note 3 and DroidTerm (please excuse the video quality).
DroidTerm is a serial terminal app with a USB Serial driver for Android.
here is the link to github:
This demo shows that IDWedgeKB does communicate via USB Serial and therefore you’d be able to develop a serial interface instead of the keyboard interface.
This is an exciting data point for the IDWedgeKB as it means other Android developers (especially Point of Sale developers), will be able to get an ID Scanner and Credit Card reader into one convenient reader.
Note: A externally powered USB Hub was used to ensure the current draw didn’t exceed the supply available on the Samsung OTG USB Port.  PCs USB ports supply upto 500mA of current while most Android phones will not be able to match this.
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