Manually Trigger an Update to IDWedgePro

There is a file (Updshlc.xml) that controls the update feature of IDWedgePro. This file is located in the following directory:


This file is called the client side index file and it contains the revision of the software on the TokenWorks update server.  You can manually trigger an update, by replacing the current version with an earlier version.

Follow this procedure to trigger an update to the latest version of IDWedgePro_1.0.2.1

Step1. Download the index file, unzip to a folder on your PC.

Step2. Close IDWedgePro and copy/replace the index file in the directory C:\TokenWorks\IDWedgePro

Step3. Launch IDWedgePro, you should see the update window appear soon after launch, follow the instruction provided by the update window and the installer.

Download Index file, unzip and copy to your installed version of IDWedgePro:

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