AgeVisor POS 2.3 Installer and Updater

Version 2.3 has Added an Export Compliance Report button to View Scan Data form, made the Hide button wider and added a test for upgraded license owners to prompt users to connect to server if not connected for more than 30 days.


Below are two different download links.  Please read the directions and chose the most appropriate.

  • The Installer download is for NEW installation or clients who want to ERASE all existing data.
  • The update download  is for Existing installations or clients who want to SAVE all existing scan data.

Installer Download – For new installations 

This download is for NEW installation or clients who want to ERASE all existing data.

Follow the steps below to install the AgeVisor application to a PC:

  • Extract AgeVisorInstaller_2.x.exe from to a folder on your PC, run the installer.
  • After installation, connect scanner to PC using USB cord
  • Wait for USB drivers to install
  • Start program be clicking on the AgeVisor desktop shortcut
  • With Scanner connected and AgeVisor software running, Click on Setting->config and open port to scanner, click program scanner. This step is required once.
  • If you’ve purchased software, enter activation key. Email [email protected] or call 800 574 5034 x2 if activation key not provide via email.  The app works for 30 days in demo mode with no license.
  • Set Age Thresholds for your jurisdiction, and scan card
  • See Help if required, check for automatic updates when PC is On-line.

Download Link:

(Do not install this version if you want to SAVE existing data.  Use version below if you want to save existing scan data)

Update Download – For Existing Customers 

The download  is for Existing installations of AgeVisor 2.1 for clients who want to SAVE all existing scan data.

  1. Exit the AgeVisor application
  2. Extract AgeVisorUpdater_2.x.exe from to a folder on your PC
  3. Make sure the AgeVisor application is not running in the system tray and then Run the installer.

This Updater will use the existing scan database for the current AgeVisor install and thus preserve scan history.

IF you are running AgeVisor 2.0 or earlier, you will need to first backup your database, and install version 2.1, before using this updater.

Download Link:


(NOTE: This version only works with existing installs of version 2.1 that have an existing scan database,
It will not work with new installations because it does not create a database.)

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