How To Connect To WiFi On AgeVisor Touch

Description: This post will instruct you on how to connect your AgeVisor Touch to WiFi. Connecting to WiFi is only necessary when trying to update the software on your AgeVisor Touch. To stay up to date on all AgeVisor Touch

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How to connect to Wifi on the IDVisor Smart, IDVisor Smart Plus, and IDVisor Smart V2

Connecting to WiFi on IDVisor Smart, Smart Plus, and Smart V2 Although the Smart devices do not have to be connected to Wifi in order to function. It is important to know how connect your Smart to Wifi in order

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WiFi Connectivity Issues “Authentication Problem”

When experiencing issues connecting to WiFi or receiving an “Authentication Problem” error message on your IDVisor Smart or Smart Plus. Please try the following troubleshooting steps below. Note: Before beginning any troubleshooting steps please try to log on to

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