IDWedgePro License Utilities

There are two utilities for managing the license on activated versions of IDWedgePro: IDWedgePro_Destroy.exe IDWedgePro_Transfer.exe NOTE: These utilities must be run out of the IDWedgePro directory, on the machine where IDWedgePro is installed. There is no physical license file that

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Video: How to Transfer Memos from Palm Desktop to Excel on a MAC

Note: The process detailed in this video is also explained in the IDVisor Software User Manual   –  See page page 39 of the manual – Method 2. Exporting data from a Mac or PC Palm Desktop  The MAC version of this process

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File Manager / Transfers for iOS devices ( ipad ipod iphone ) without iTunes

File Transfer to iPads, iPhones, iPods without installing iTunes DigiDNA has a nice application called FileApp for transferring data to and from an Apple Mobile Device. Before using, the iOS device require USB drivers on the computer. If you don’t

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