How to Export on an AgeVisor Touch/AgeVisor POS

Exporting Data on an AgeVisor Touch and AgeVisor POS The directions below explain how to export customer data from your AgeVisor Touch and AgeVisor software. The customer data will be exported as a csv file, which can be viewed in

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Exporting Data from IDVisor Touch

Exporting Data from IDVisorTouch   There are two files available for export on the scanner, customer.csv and IDScanner.csv. Both files are in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format and can be viewed with a spreadsheet application like MS Excel. The customer.csv

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How to Synchronize Multi VIP/Banned List – IDVisor Touch / M310

Q: I have multiple clubs that I use the IDVisor 310. Over the course of the last year, we have banned specific people, I need to know how to transfer or add the banned list from one unit to the

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Adding Custom Tags and Importing Tagged Customers for IDvisor Touch and m310

Adding Custom tags and importing Cardholders to IDVisorTouch This post describes how to import people into the vip/banned or tagging system with custom (user defined) tags.  This is a special version of the standard import process which uses the 7

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ID Visor Touch – File Store Error – Corrupt SD Card – Fix

If your Touch unit is giving a file store error message or something similar, you can fix it yourself with this 20 minute procedure. This message tends to appear due to the SD card having corrupt files on it and

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IDVisorTouch and IDVisorM310 Vip/Ban Setup

The following document describe how to create and import Vip/Ban lists for the IDVisorTouch and the IDVisor M310. Importing Banned VIP.pdf In special situations, customers may want to create new tags and import customers Please see this post for creating

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How to Synchronize Multiple IDVisor Touch Units

The IDVisor Touch has the ability to synchronize it’s scanned data with other Touch units. Here is a procedure on how to synchronize the Touch units: First, MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP YOUR DATA ON ALL OF YOUR SCANNERS BEFORE

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